“Limited Edition”

Such a powerful words. And because it’s Starbucks and it’s red, it SHOULD be a part of my Starbucks cards’ collection. Oh well. 😉 And yes, I am a Starbucks fan. 🙂

Ballerines Love

If I will be asked to choose only one type of shoes to wear in this lifetime, I will be happy and content to just have ballerines, in all colours please. 😉 I think 90 percent of my shoes are all ballerines! 🙂  

Bag love

I am a bagaholic. But I just admire them from afar… really. 😉 Currently, I am loving these lovelies, again, from afar. 😛 These are Bottega Veneta, Chloe, Coach and Radley bags. 🙂

Starbucks love

I have a few subjects to write about but I’m not feeling so well today, so I will just quickly write about something light and fun. I’m not a hardcore coffee drinker. I started drinking coffee (not brewed, I started out with caramel macchiato) when I was in my twenties, usually after dinner with friends,…


I’ve been planning, hoping, wishing, trying to go back to blogging… thank God, today it finally happened!! I’m back to one of the things I love doing — blogging/writing. 😉 I decided to create a new site, for a fresh start, leaving the past behind, but definitely taking the lessons learned with me. I love…