A change of heart, just a bit…


A few days ago, when I saw the photos of the new Starbucks planners, I said it was love at first sight. Starting 2 November, the planners will be displayed in Starbucks branches and the Starbucks Christmas beverages will be made available to coffee-drinkers (and/or sticker collectors), so on that day I headed out to the nearest Starbucks inside our office to check out the planners, I didn’t like it so much, the material didn’t appeal much to me. I tried the new Christmas beverage, Santa Hat Dark Mocha, I didn’t like it too. So I thought, I will  not be so keen about getting the planner this year, anyway, I am actually on a tight budget so better not to spend on it. The only thing that I liked was the Starbucks Christmas card, bottom right of the photo, isn’t it lovely? 😉

Anyway, we only have 50 days before Christmas, hope you’ve started your Christmas shopping to avoid the rush. 🙂

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