Starbucks love


I have a few subjects to write about but I’m not feeling so well today, so I will just quickly write about something light and fun.

I’m not a hardcore coffee drinker. I started drinking coffee (not brewed, I started out with caramel macchiato) when I was in my twenties, usually after dinner with friends, when the night is still young and there are lots to chat up on, we would hang out at Starbucks for an hour or two, sometimes longer. And then it has become more frequent because Starbucks is so accessible in the office, so I can buy anytime of the day, usually when I crave for the taste, when I want to reward myself for a job well done, or when I catch up with colleagues/friends.

For a few years now, I joined the bandwagon of collecting stickers to get a Starbucks planner. Each year, I kind of looking forward to it. This year, just today, I received an email about it, when I saw the planners, it was love at first sight! No thinking about it, I will get the one on the left (first), hopefully, I will be able to collect enough stickers for the one on the right, too. 😉

I also am collecting Starbucks cards, currently, I think I have 24 or 26 cards already, some of them are from friends who travel abroad and remember that I collect Starbucks cards so they give it to me as pasalubong. 😉 For this Christmas season, Starbucks released 3 designs, I think I want to get all! 😉


Let me take this chance to be the first one to greet you a very Merry Christmas & a very lovely & happy 2017! 🙂 All of God’s best to us all!

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