I’ve been planning, hoping, wishing, trying to go back to blogging… thank God, today it finally happened!! I’m back to one of the things I love doing — blogging/writing. 😉

I decided to create a new site, for a fresh start, leaving the past behind, but definitely taking the lessons learned with me.

I love blogging because it’s my way of expressing my thoughts and feelings, some of which I would rather just express through writing than sharing with a loved one or a friend. Sometimes, just writing my thoughts and feelings makes me feel at ease and happy. There are things that I just want to share here and I would be  happy to look back and remember that I thought or felt this and that and managed to overcome it on my own.

For today, I have no particular subject to share or to write about. I just want to remember this day when I have finally created a new blogsite! Another milestone for me. Yesterday I had another milestone, I finally had one of my 4 wisdom teeth extracted after delaying it for almost a decade!! It was quite a traumatic experience but thank God it went well and I didn’t feel pain after the operation. I have 3 more wisdom teeth to be extracted in the coming months, I know by God’s grace, it will be just fine, hopefully, no longer as traumatic as the first one. 😉


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