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37, thank you…

Today is 9 September, a day before my 38th birthday 🙂

I thought of writing a few realities / things I am grateful for, so here it goes 😉

  • the God of my life
  • my faith, being saved
  • Victory – the church where I belong
  • basically everything in my life, just the reality that I am alive
  • the dreams in my heart
  • the hope that I have in Christ
  • the woman that I am now (definitely not perfect, but under God’s grace)
  • love for the Word of God – my manual for life, my comfort, my teacher, my guide
  • fulfilled dream travel to Europe this year
  • in good health, good shape and feeling strong
  • best Omma and Appa, the sister and the brother, all loved ones
  • my sisters-in-Christ, I couldn’t thank them enough.. (Hazel, Alica, Mel & Bong)
  • my lovely friends (a lot of them, all wonderful individuals, I’m beyond blessed)
  • my colleagues (all good and helpful)
  • my work in ADB, the fact that I belong in this wonderful organization
  • benefits as an ADB employee
  • my simple but comfy home sweet home
  • my cozy room
  • my oldie but trusty car
  • ongoing “A” process (hopefully will be granted by 2018)
  • upcoming Busan trip with Gill and Eia
  • being able to play squash and exercise
  • food on the table and fridge
  • lots of good food to try
  • coffee time with family & friends
  • my gadgets which make me reachable and sociable
  • technologies which make life convenient and comfortable
  • my little savings and a few investments
  • things that I own and manage to buy (clothes, shoes, bags, accessories, etc.)
  • my female inspiration – Peony Lim and Mari Jasmine
  • Korean series/movies (my guilty pleasure)
  • my crushes (Gong Ji Chul aka Gong Yoo, So Ji Sub and a whole lot more)

I’m sure I have more things to be grateful for, big and small, but for now, written above are the first things which came to mind. 😉

God, thank you so much for a (beyond) wonderful 37th year of my life. 🙂 


I am excited for the 38th – hopeful, grateful, blessed and expectant of God’s best to come my way. 🙂

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Today – 15 January 2017

img_4287Today is another milestone for me, thank & praise God for it!

I attended for the first time a Christian service. For more than a year, I’ve been praying for God’s leading. Something inside of me has changed. I wanted to know God more and more, I wanted to know Him in a more personal way. I don’t want to be just a Sunday mass goer.. I wanted to follow God, obey Him and live this life in accordance to His will. I know I can only do that by studying His word and allowing the Holy Spirit to do His work in my life. It was a hard decision for me to make but God’s prompting is stronger, I just want to obey Him.

Being saved by God’s grace will make you want to please and obey God in every way possible, will make you want to be changed and will make you want to glorify God with the new life that you have in Christ.

Today, I finally made it, all because of God’s grace and work in my life. I attended the 11am service at Victory Fort. The series of talks is about Knowing GOD. Today’s preaching is about God’s generosity. I have never doubted God and His character of being a blesser, a very generous blesser. I am not rich, my family is not rich materially, but I know I am blessed since the day I was born. I am enjoying a simple, but very comfortable, sometimes even overly pampered life with my parents, I can only thank and praise God for giving me such wonderful, loving, generous parents. Because of this and a whole lot more, I am truly grateful to God.

This year and in the coming years, I am certain that God will bless me, my family, all loved ones and friends, with HIS very best. I am very expectant of God’s miracles and breakthroughs in my life.

I’m grateful that I am saved by God’s grace, I know God will extend His salvation to my family and everyone around me. May God use me so that everyone around me will have a saving knowledge of Christ. May they see God’s work in my life, may God be glorified in my life. God is generous, always, and forever. I just couldn’t thank Him enough for everything that He has done in my life. I am always and forever grateful.

Salvation is God’s full expression of His generosity, everything else is just a bonus.


Thank you, God. I am yours. Work your way in me. Be glorified in my life.