Musts in Seoul (Part 2 of 2)

As promised, I will be sharing a couple of musts outside Seoul on this post. On our 4th day in Seoul, we signed up for a day tour via Klook which has the following itinerary:

(i) Petite France – I shared about this on my previous post, please find it here.

Nami Island, Autumn 2019

(ii) Nami Island: After our tour at Petite France, our group headed to Nami Island, we took a boat going to the Island, it was a very quick boat ride. I couldn’t remember exactly how long, but it probably took us less than 10 minutes to arrive at the beautiful Nami Island.

This day was exceptionally memorable with all its anecdotes, and the night before it was the funniest of all our giggles. When I see these photos and our failed attempt to (almost) matching OOTDs, I’ll remember it with fondest memories — bottom line — peer pressure happened and out of friendship, I happily obliged. 😂

(iii) Garden of the Morning Calm: This garden was the last stop of our group tour. We were scheduled to arrive there at around 5pm. Because of the very cold weather that day (1-2 degrees celsius), and the very warm temperature inside the bus, and a painful sore throat, I didn’t feel like exploring the garden anymore, I felt tired and wasn’t feeling well, so I told my friends that I would just stay inside the cafe and skip the tour around the garden. My friends also decided to stay inside the cafe, it’s either they felt tired and very cold as well or the call of coffee was just too strong for all of us 🙂 so we just spent the next 30 minutes at the Good Morning Coffee, enjoyed the warm and cozy ambiance inside the cafe, the beautiful view outside, and each other’s company. It was the best 30 minutes of that beautiful day. 🙂

That ends my post on musts in Seoul for a very short trip. I hope to go back in Seoul, Godwilling, and spend more time there eating, exploring, cafe-hopping, window shopping, etc., after the pandemic.. 😉

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