New additions to my collection

img_4306-editedI only collect Starbucks cards. As much as I want to collect bags and shoes, I just couldn’t afford it. ;P

It started a few years back, my Starbucks card collection is divided into two sets, the ones that I personally buy from my travels and from the Philippines when I like the design, and the second set is from my friends who give the cards as their pasalubong from their trips. 🙂

This Osaka card is from my friend Leslie. She recently went to Japan and gave this as her pasalubong to me. She’s a very supportive friend in my endeavor to collect ;P, in her every trip, she makes it a point to get me a Starbucks card. 🙂 She also got me one from Nagoya, Seoul, Melbourne, California, and New York.


This one is the newest addition to my collection which I got from my recent Boracay trip with family. This design is not new, I have given this Starbucks card to a dear friend in September 2015 but I didn’t get one for myself that time. And then when I already wanted to get one for my collection, I saw this design in Starbucks Greenbelt, SM Aura and even in ADB, but for some reason, the machine was always offline so I couldn’t buy it.

Who would have thought that I would still be able to get this card for my collection after more than a year of missing it out. And it has become even more meaningful because gratitude is exactly what I feel for being able to go to back to Boracay with my family and have a really wonderful time. 🙂

img_6001   I’ll blog about our Boracay vacation next time.

By the way, I recently found about this Starbucks card which slipped off my radar… It was released in December 2016. Haaayyyy I super like it! Sayang!!!



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