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On switching and loving local

I’ve always been a ballerines (French word for ballet flats) kind of gal.

I just love its classic look and comfy style. 

Repetto Ballerines

Since I started working in my early twenties, that’s almost 2 decades by now, I’ve probably bought and worn (almost) a hundred pairs of ballerines. No, I am not kidding, you’ve read it right. Because I love it a lot, I just buy a pair or two, sometimes three each time, just of different colours. #beforeminimalism

Au revoir, Marcha…

I think it was in 2015 or 2016 that I discovered Marcha Ballerina, it wasn’t a local brand, but it has become my go-to when it’s time to shop for shoes. In April 2018, I learned that it’s going to close their physical stores in the Philippines, they had closed their small shops in nearby malls in late 2018. So my last purchase of ballerines was in mid-2018. Though they are still selling online in broken sizes.

Almost 9 months into essentialism journey, one of my guiding light in this journey is choosing and loving local brands whenever possible — it limits my options, thus making my life simple and uncomplicated, at the same time, helping out small, local entrepreneurs — basically my idea of intentional living at its finest.

I’ve always wanted to try Posh Pocket Shoes, it was always on my radar, but since Marcha Ballerina has become my go-to brand, I didn’t get to try Posh, though I bought a half-moon crossbody bag from their bag line, PoshEveryday.

One Friday afternoon last month, February, I finally had time to visit their one and only store in Makati, I didn’t buy thru their online store because I’m not sure what size to get, I’m usually 6.5 or 7, depending on the shoe style. 

After getting lost, I finally found their store which was located at the lower ground of a building so you won’t see it while inside the car, so I passed by it twice. 

I wanted to try their Pointy Basic and Erin (one of their ballerines’ styles) but they are not available in my size! Now I know I’m size 7” with this brand. So after trying a couple of other shoe styles, I ended buying Prima shoes (the one on my right foot), another ballerines’ style, in blush. I bought only one pair this time because I wanted to try its fit and comfort on my feet first. So far, so good, I’m glad I bought this style and color.

Around 2 weeks after my visit, little did I know that the store will be renovated, the website is ongoing enhancements, too. I’m thrilled I managed to see the “old” store and really excited to go back and check out its new look. 

Hopefully by then, Pointy Basic in greige (gray and beige) will be available in my size. 

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When you find the perfect pair, but…

not the perfect size…


As you may probably know, my dream travel is yet to be fulfilled very soon!! So one of the things that I need to invest on is a good, comfy pair of shoes, well probably not one but 3 pairs. ;p

My friend Gillian and I were killing time before we watch “La la land.” We were window shopping and she’s actually helping me out in finding THE perfect pair for my travel, and then I saw these Hush Puppies loafers, in tan and in dark green. It was love at first sight. 😉 I know in my heart, I want them, they’re so comfy, loved the color, I’ve been a long time lover of shades of brown, and just recently, I am having an unusual preference towards shades of green especially dark and moss. 🙂

And so I requested for my usual shoe size of 7, when I tried it on, it was quite big on me. Unfortunately, sizes 6.5 and 6 are no longer in stock. I asked them to call the nearby branches, from my home and office, but to no avail… I even called up the main office, they checked their provincial branches, but still, it’s no longer available. It was not a new style, it was released last year.

I seldom go to malls to shop, so I’m not really updated with what’s available in stores. When I buy shoes, I usually buy ballerines, my go-to branches are Parfois, Shoebox and just recently, Marcha (in photo in dark green). So it was so unfortunate not to get those Hush Puppies loafers. Though I am hopeful that I will find a better pair just in time for my dream trip. 🙂