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So far, so good…

Hello everyone! How are you??

Hope you are all doing great!! 

We’re on the 63rd day of 2018, 2 months passed by so quickly, right?

My first two months were great! Thank and praise God for all that He has done and for all the blessings He has poured upon my family and all my loved ones and friends.

The biggest blessing/answered prayer so far is my little sister’s pregnancy. 🙂 Our family is soooo happy and grateful for this blessing, such a great way to start the year!! She’s on her 3rd month and we are so looking forward to the new addition to our growing family.

We are also counting the days to our first out of the country trip for the year, it will be my first time to travel with my sister and brother-in-law to Bangkok. It’s my sister’s first out of the country trip so we are all very excited. 🙂

With regards to my #Goals for 2018, I think I am doing okay, I have 10 more months to fulfill most of it. 🙂

Read and study the Old Testament. – I’m on Genesis 16. I am slow but it is okay. Reading and studying the Word of God is not a contest, it’s about consistency, commitment, and building a personal relationship with the Author. 🙂

Finish one-to-one discipleship with muy bella, Mel. Then participate at the Victory weekend and be water-baptized as a Christian. – I hope to be water-baptized this year, I am not rushing this, I will happily and peacefully follow God’s timeline.

Join VictoryFort’s feeding program regularly. – I will join VictoryFort’s activities after my baptism. 🙂

Buy an oven and learn how to bake cookies, cupcakes and cakes. – My target for this is next quarter. I hope to buy an oven by April and start baking thereafter. 🙂

Save up Pxxx,xxx by end of the year. – I think this is attainable. 🙂

Read atleast one book per month. – I’ve finished reading these 3 books but I started reading them in late 2017.


I hope to finish these 2 by this month, March.

I bought 4 new books at the Big Bad Wolf Book Fair, here they are:

I hope to read all these books this year, in addition to the original pile below…


Learn French using the Duolingo app. – This one I am not consistent. I should start again very soon!!

For the first two months of the year, I had a couple of disappointments which caused me momentary heartbreak but it’s all okay now. I think I was able to manage my emotion well, and hold my peace thus no relationship was compromised. I have forgiven and learned to let it go. I know it is never right to judge anyone, but because of what happened, I had a better understanding and appreciation of why God has commanded us not to judge our brethren.

“Judge not, that you be not judged. For with the judgment you pronounce you will be judged, and with the measure you use it will be measured to you.” – Matthew 7:1-2

I have been judged, and it hurt so much. People, even family or friends, will not always understand why we do what we do, so it is best to not judge. Each has his/her own reasons for doing things, in most cases, only God is our witness and He’s the only one who understands, accepts, forgives and loves us, no matter what.

Anyway, I am so grateful that God is always ready to listen to us, to hear our prayers, our cries, and He is with us to comfort, to give us peace and the assurance that everything will be okay because He is our Father, He is in control and He has the best plans for each of us.


Anyway, on a lighter note, I am very happy with my increasing commitment to working out/exercise. When I say “workout/exercise,” it means joining Thursday Bootcamp, planking and abs workout at home (checkout JessicaSmithtv), playing squash and doing treadmill at the company gym. I’ve recently discovered what will entertain me while I run, that is watching YouTube videos, I am specifically hooked with Erwan Heusaff’s videos, because it’s 99% travel and food! 🙂

On weekends, I try to jog/walk with my momsy, and then we would have coffee  (and French toast and baked sweet potato, oooopppssss!!!) afterwards if the time permits it. I think I am officially a coffee princess, in other words – coffee addict, which is not actually bad, for as long as I am not drinking too much. 🙂

I super love our mom-daughter bonding on weekends thru jogging/walking and drinking/eating. 😛

We are only done with the first two months of the year, but I have been blessed with so much already. So many favors and blessings from God through my loving family, well-meaning friends and colleagues at work, good health and strength, travels to look forward to, a happy, healthy, godly baby for our family in a few months.

Do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewal of your mind, that by testing you may discern what is the will of God, what is good and acceptable and perfect. – Romans 12:2

The future is bright, it is so promising and filled with God-ordained circumstances. I am very hopeful and expectant of all things good, lovely and beautiful because my hope rests in the Lord.

We wait in hope for the Lord;
    he is our help and our shield.
21 In him our hearts rejoice,
    for we trust in his holy name.
22 May your unfailing love be with us, Lord
    even as we put our hope in you. – Psalms 33:20-22

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My ♥ is full..

..and so is  my tummy 🙂

Today, one of my greatest dreams got fulfilled, one of the things in my bucket list got ticked – that is to learn how to bake. 🙂

I grew up in a very simple family. My mom cooks but she never bakes, so I had nil idea how to bake pastries. I think, if my memory serves me right, I was in my high school or probably in my college years when I first wanted to learn how to bake. Mi amiga Rocel, one of my bestfriends in highschool, wanted to bake strawberry shortcake, she gave me a recipe of it with a promise that we should both learn to bake. Fast forward to many years, Rocel learned how to bake, she’s now in the US with her husband and son, but I remained clueless when it comes to baking. The dream lives on in my heart, though I didn’t get to do it because I don’t have an oven and the basic equipment, there are more important things to purchase so buying an oven and other utensils is always pushed back.

I have this friend/carpoolmate/colleague who recently retired. We all know that she bakes and cooks real well. When she retired I told her that I’ll visit her one of these days and will request her to teach me how to bake. Little did I know that my other carpoolmates want to learn how to bake, too! So we decided to visit Ms. Millen and do the baking session one Saturday morning. 🙂 We called our baking session, Millen101. 😉

Ms. Millen shared a list of pastries that she knows how to bake. From the list of six, we decided to bake: 1. Moist Chocolate Cake and 2. Lemon/Calamansi Squares. Here are the recipes shared by Ms. Millen:


We’re all really happy to learn how to bake. Much more than having a full tummy because of the uber yummy chocolate cake and calamansi squares, my heart is full, I am exceedingly happy because I finally get to bake, and the experience is made more special because I did it with friends, with one of my treasures in life. I am wonderfully blessed with wonderful people around me. 😀 Thank you so much, Lord, I know this is another answered prayer. 🙂 Indeed, your timing is perfect, always! 🙂

The Moist Chocolate Cake 🙂

The Calamansi Squares

Ms. Millen did all the teaching and sharing, prepared breakfast, provided all the ingredients, the utensils, equipment, her time, lovely kitchen, lots of love, ALL for FREE, so as a simple thank you gift, we gave her what she loves. 🙂

She loves to drink Coke, she collects Coke cans and other “Coke items”

After our baking session, I had lunch with momsy and daddy, it’s daddy’s 62nd birthday today. We had lunch in our of our fave restos, Simply Thai, because we simply love Thai cuisine. 😀

I’m happy that my parents are healthy. Lord, please bless them with many more healthy, happy and lovely years with us.

Lord, thank you for such a blessed, wonderful day! You are good, all the time! 😀