Love letter to my USTe BFFs 😘😘

A friend loves at all times,…

Proverbs 17:17

Dearest Ann & Lianne,
Thank you so much for our 4oth birthday trip which was filled with so much wonderful & fun memories. I’m happy that I get to finally travel with both of you, it has become more enjoyable because it’s in Seoul & it’s autumn. It’s almost a year in the making. We were four when we’re planning it. A lot has happened in between, still hurts when I think about it, but I’m grateful to God for causing our trip to happen as planned. We’ve been praying for favours from God, cheap fares, accommodation at hotel cappuccino, granted visas, strength & good health for each of us & our loved ones, favours from our colleagues who would take on our work while we’re away. God has answered all our prayers & provided so much more.

USTeBBFs at Good Morning Coffee, November 2019

We’ve known each other since our late teenage years. Almost lost touch but I’m really grateful that we’ve reconnected more often in the recent years. We’ve always tried to plan day trips, overnight staycation, but it never happened. But it’s all good because our first trip was even out of the country! God is good, always perfect in His timing & will.

In almost a week that we’re together, I realised that you have so many similarities in your preferences. It’s quite amusing to know you both more & I appreciate you both more & know how I can pray for you & your families.

Travelling with you two, I never felt left out in any way. Though I’m quite different in some aspects & choices, you both just accepted it & showed love all throughout. We just love & care for each other & respect each other’s differences.

Thank you for always saying “yes” when I say it’s time to eat. Not sure if you’re already hungry by the time I get hungry but you both just say yes, thank you for that, takot lang talaga ako magutom. And it’s quite an ugly sight when I’m hungry. 😛 Thank you for allowing me to sleep first, I need my sleep to function well.

Twosome plus one 😛

Thank you so much, BFFs! Let’s continue to keep in touch & be honest with each other for a really long time, until we’re all old & grey.

God’s best to us! Hopefully more travels together. Please thank your husbands & children from me for allowing you to spend some time with me.

Love you both! 😘😘

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