It’s neither the ☕️ nor the 🍪.

it’s neither the coffee, nor the cookie…

I took a leave today. I just want to rest and do some stuff during the long weekend. One of which is to have Starbucks coffee, which I haven’t had for three months, and bonus is to have my fave cookie, dark chocolate macadamia cookie, which happens to be available. Going to the mall is a different experience these days, it’s a chore, not a leisurely activity anymore. Getting a cup of coffee is not enjoyable because you have to take it out and drink somewhere else. I’ve always known the reason I like coffee is not because of the drink itself, but it’s the experience I have with family and friends over a cup of coffee while inside a cozy café. It’s the catch-up chats, the fun memories, the laughter, the warm feeling, the chill ambience which come with having coffee. I hope soon enough, we can chill out again in beautiful cafés just like the former days. 

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