Happiest Birthday, PL! ♥♥♥

PeonyLim-ParisPinkandRed-gif1To my dearest, Peony Lim, now Mrs. PB,

I wish you the happiest birthday ever! ü

Thank you for being the kindest, prettiest, loveliest blogger I know. 🙂

You are truly an inspiration to me. I admire you because I know you are much more than a pretty face. I admire that you are a well-rounded person and sooo good in so many things. 

Because of you, I started to cook again, I try to wrap my gifts beautifully because these are some of the things that I love/enjoy doing but set aside because of “lack of time.” You made me realize that I can do things if I really want to. I know you are much busier than I am, so if you can do a lot of things, most probably I can do it too. 🙂

I admire that you are taking care of your health by eating well, working out and being positive even when things don’t go as planned.

Thank you for your kindness, for finding time to answer emails and other requests you get from your followers.

Thank you for your openness and sharing a big part of your life which we learn a lot from – love of family, travel, cooking, baking, wellness, fashion, love of family, and a whole lot more. 😉 I am not into make-up but I really enjoy watching all your tutorials, and I learn a lot from your tips. 🙂

I wish you all the very best! May you have the happiest, loveliest small & big moments, always! 🙂 

Stay happy!


Your forever follower,

Ryah from Manila

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